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Human Rights
Freedom of Assembly is a Basic Human Right
1 / 7 / 2012

June 27, 2012
The Federation of Civil Society calls on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) government security forces to avoid using excessive force and weapons against its citizens, including during times of peaceful protest. Freedom of assembly is a basic h ...

training course for KIE media monitoring to coverage media outlets about corruption and elections
KIE's team media participated in other training course about how they can coverage corruption and elections in each of visual, audio and printed media. At the last phases the KIE media team monitored two themes: Gender & human right issues to identify the extent of medi
Iraqi Media Monitoring project coverage of Gender and Human rights Issues
e journalist was tried in Iran last month and
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Iraq Parliamentary Voter Turnout
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Iraq Parliamentary Voter Turnout
Voter Turn out of Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Elections
Project and Activity

Electoral Cycle

Two surveys about the right of access to information and corruption in Kurdistan region
Electoral Cycle
Two surveys about the right of access to information and corruption in Kurdistan region
Meeting for clarifying the Iraqi Kurdistan NGOs' Law
KIE's legal advisory committee submitted two project laws
KIE's Legal advisory Union meets with both of the legal and internal committees of kurdistan parliament
Twenty three parliament members confirm the draft code on organizing public rallies and demonstrations
Citizens and Electoral enlightenment Campaign
Enlightenment project regarding the Election Process and the Correct Participation
Strengthening Citizen Engagement in the Legislative Process
Learning adversity and Nonviolence strategy project

The Activating the roll of Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Iraqi KRG

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