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Title: Advocacy Campaign package

Advocacy Campaign
Year of publish: 2005
Copyright: Kurdish Institute for Elections, KIE
Circulation: 2000
Languages: Kurdish & Arabic
size: 46 pages

This package is primarily based on "Stepping towards Advocacy" by Raito Sharma that had been translated into Arabic language by the National Democracy Institute, NDI and Published by USAID, Later on translated by KIE.
This package is a part of a project that aims at raising awareness of the civil communities, Medias and social syndicates to promote advocacy towards the establishment of a democratic society.


Field of Work
Iraq Parliamentary Voter Turnout :
21 / 6 / 2016
Voter Turn out of Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Elections :
20 / 6 / 2016
21 / 6 / 2016
Human Rights
Freedom of Assembly is a Basic Human Right
1 / 7 / 2012
Low and low project
26 / 8 / 2013
Political Participation
KIE’s role in organizing demonstrations for reforming the demonstration law in the KRG.
15 / 10 / 2011
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