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A Symposium on Administrative Decentralization in Soran University
24 / 2 / 2019

A Symposium on Administrative Decentralization in Soran University

In the morning of February 6th 2019, Kurdish Institute for Elections and the Faculty of Law and International Relations held a symposium on administrative decentralization in Kurdiartan Region in the hall of the Faculty of Science in the New Campus of Soran University.

The event was organized with the help of the President of Soran University, members of the university council, the district governor, the mayor, the directors of the subdistricts in the all four districts in Soran, Choman and Mergesur. Professors and students of Soran University were present in the symposium.

The symposium began with a speech by Dr. Nahro Zagros, the assistant of the President of Soran University for Sciences. He gave a speech and later thanked the organizers of the symposium. Dr. Zagros emphasized the importance of disussing important issues such as administrative decentralization in the university, and stressed that more research should be conducted on this topic, and more power should be given to local administrations.

Later, Kurdish Institute for Elections (KIE) presented the results of the quantitative survey that was conducted in Erbil regarding decentralization. The results were presented by two members of KIE, Shkofa Ibrahim and Halsho Abdulfatah.

The first panel of the symposium was moderated by Professor Salar Swara, president of the International Relations Department. Professor Kamran Salah presented a paper entitled “The Role of Administrative Decentralization in Development in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region”, and Aram Jamal Sabir presented a talk entitled “Project-Building on the Administrative Decentralization in the Kurdistan Region”, while Professor Majda Ali presented a paper entitled  “Constitutional Principles and the Prospects for Political and Administrative Decentralization in Iraq”. The presentations were followed with discussions.

The Second Panel was moderated by Dr. Shari Khalid Nanakali, professor of law in Soran University. Dr. Mohammed Shahab presented a paper entitled, “Progress in the Administrative System of Iraq”, Professor Soran Ali presented a paper entitled, “Two Sources of Governorates in Organizing Constitutional and Legal Studies in the Framework of the System of the Central Government”, while Professor Mehdi Amin presented his paper, “The Federal System and the Role of Political Development in the Arab World – Iraq as an Example”. Following the presentations, the guests and students of the university held a discussion session.


a sight of the event

Viewing the quantitative opinion poll report

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