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Completion of Training of Trainers for students
22 / 5 / 2019

Completion of Training of Trainers for students

During March and April 2019, Kurdish Institute for Elections organized a training of trainers course for university students. 8 female students from University of Sulaymaniyah participated in the course training. 
It is trained by the trainer Aram Jamal Sabir KIE's Executive Director, the trainees received training in several topics such as: 
- How can we create a presentation through power point program?
- What are the types of introductions (games, team building...etc)
- What is Ice Breaking and why do we need it during the Training of Trainers?
-  What are the different kinds of brain storming used in teamwork? 
- How can we learn the Technics and Methods of the Training of Trainers (TOT)?
- What is the types of seating arrangements one can use in a meeting?
- What is the difference between teaching and learning?
-  What is a "case study", and what is a "small groups"? How will they be practiced during TOT?

Following exercises that instructed the participants in the topics above, the trainees presented a training for others on a topic of their own choosing, such as local democracy, participation of women in politics, gender equality and leadership and election tools.

At the end of the training, a certificate has been distributed on the trainees.

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