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KIE issues a new publication about Public policy
6 / 2 / 2017

KIE issues a new publication about Public policy


KIE issues a new publication in Kurdish language with name "A Guide to Policy Writing". The contents of the mentioned guide as follows:
* First Section: What is the public policy?
- The conceptual framework of public policy
- History of the development of public policy
- Public Policy Analysis.
* Official institutions of policy-making
- The legislature and public policy
- Executive power and public policy
- The judiciary and public policy
- The administrative organs and public policy
* The role of informal institutions in making process of public policy
- Civil society Organizations and public policy
- Political parties and public policy
- Economic structures and public policy
- Social structures and public policy
- The relationship between public policy and parliamentary democracy

* Second section: How to prepare policy papers
- What are the components of policy public papers?
- Definition of problems related to public policy
- Know your audience in a paper policy
- Research designing
- Gathering evidence and data
- Find and evaluate alternatives
- The formulation of arguments and policy recommendations
- Writing policy papers
- Review and edit a paper policy process
- Tools of marketing of public policy papers
Appendix: Table to illustrate the comparison between academic research and public policy paper.

This publication consists of 68 pages, its size is (23cm×17cm), and 500 copies of the guide book have been colorfully printed. it's mentioned The book guide is one of the activities of a project between "Project on Meddle East Democracy POMED" and "Kurdish Institute for Elections KIE".


To Download the book, click here

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