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A training course in the subject of election systems has been introduced
24 / 8 / 2017

A training course in the subject of election systems has been introduced

During 15-17 of August, 2017, and in the office of the organization (House of Success) in Sulaimaniyah city, a training course has been introduced under the name (Election systems and methods of designing electoral systems) for 12 people in the following cities: Erbil, Sualimaniyah, Kirkuk, and Halabja. The goal of this was to create a new system of elections in Kurdistan region. In three days duration, types of electoral systems were explained through (Training of Trainers TOT) from both of the trainers Aram Jamal and Mariwan Arif, and they explained each of the following topics:

o   Definition of electoral systems

o   Families of election systems

o   Basic variables to the election systems

o   Majority/plurality election family

o  The First past the post System (FPTP)

o  Two Rounds system (TRs)

o  Bloc Vote system (BV)

o  Party Bloc Vote system (PVB)

o  Alternative Vote system (AV)

o  Single Non- Transferable Vote system (SNTV)

o   Proportional Representation systems (PRS)

        o   List Proportional Representation (LPR)

        o   Single Transferable Vote system (STV)

        o   Closed List

        o   Open Limited List

        o   Open and Free List

  o   Methods of changing the number of votes for a deputy seat in the parliamentary list as follows:

o    D' Hondt

o   Sainte Lague

o   Modified Sainte Lague

o   Hare Niemeyer

o   Mixed Systems

o   Mixed Parallel System

o   Mixed Member Proportional System

o   Methods of designing the electoral system

 The relationship between the size and number of constituencies in the electoral systems

o   Comparing among the election systems

o   Examining the legal form of the Parliament elections of Iraqi Kurdistan region.

o   The electoral system in the election law of the Kurdistan Parliament, the modified rule no. 1 of 1992

o   Legal reform of the electoral system in the election of Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament

At the end of the training phase, a certificate has been submitted and distributed as an evidence of all the information that has been provided.  So far, this activity has been part of the preparations to start a one-year project called (House of Success Organization) with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) organization under the name (Supporting the activities of the civil elite for the progress of the electoral system in Kurdistan).




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