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Strategic Action Plan for the Combating of Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan Region
1 / 9 / 2017

Strategic Action Plan for the Combating of Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

 On Monday, August 21 2017, the representative of Kurdish Institute for Elections KIE has participated in the writing of the strategic action plan for the combating of corruption in the city of Erbil, which was organized by WESTMINSER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY with the help of Integrity Commission of IKR.
The workshop has been introduced in Erbil city to the media community and non- governmental organizations in the presence of a group of journalists and civil society organizations in the cities of Sulaimaniyah, Duhok and Erbil.
In this workshop, the participants themselves have focused their attention on the responsibility of the corruption in different sectors. After that, the media sector and the civil society organizations sector have written their plan to increase the role of these two sectors in monitoring these institutions: (Kurdistan Parliament, Public Opinion, Integrity Commission, Financial Control Bureau, and Council of Ministers).
The civil society action plan included:

1. Opening a supervisory division in the Kurdistan Parliament Foundation, Public Opinion, the Integrity Commission, Financial Control Bureau, and the Council of Ministers in order to reduce the corruption and increase transparency in the work.

2.  Opening several training stages for members of parliament, council of ministers, public opinion, the Integrity Commission, the Bureau of Financial Supervision and civil society organizations for the sake of harmony and understanding among them in the field of managing the censorship process and treatment of corruption.

 3.  Preparation of seminars and annual work by the organizations and these regulatory institutions.

4. Compatibility and working with the media in order for this process to be presented perfectly.

5. Preparing quarterly reports in order to alert individuals about how to implement the process or plan.

The Corruption Strategy in the Kurdistan Region by the Kurdistan Regional Government Resolution No.( 2147) for the year 2017, where it was approved and published in Kurdistan's Facts Newspaper in May of 2017. And according to the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government, its strategy has been clarified, which lasts for 5 years and as follows:

1. The authorities responsible for applying the strategy and its implementation plan must submit a report to the Integrity Commission every 3 months.

2. The Integrity Commission must write a report once every six months and submit it to the Joint Committee to face corruption.

3. Each year, the Joint Commission submits a single report to the public opinion.

a.There are some decisions made by the Integrity Commission through a bilateral or joint meeting with those responsible for implementing the strategy in order to monitor the strategy implementation plan.

b. The Joint Committee can review the implementation plan of the strategy in order to be adapted to the situation and changes in the community during the passage of half the period of the strategy, provided that the majority of this committee is satisfied.

c. The Joint Committee meet two months in the middle of the strategy period and two months at the end of the strategy to assess facing corruption and implement the strategy of coping with corruption.

d. The Joint Commission will make a final assessment and make it the basis for a new strategy to face corruption.

The government of Kurdistan Region has given merit in addressing the subject of the  Corruption Strategy in Kurdistan region in decree No. (2147), which was approved in 2017 and published in May, 2017 in Kurdistan's waqaee Newspaper. 



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