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KIE releases final monitoring report on the Iraqi Council of Representatives Elections
22 / 5 / 2018

KIE releases final monitoring report on the Iraqi Council of Representatives Elections

On May 12, 2018, Iraqis across 18 constituencies (governorates) voted to elect 329 representatives in the fourth round of Iraqi Unicameral Council of Representatives. The electoral process based on modified Parliamentary Elections Law No. 45 of 2013.

A volunteer team from the Kurdish Institute for Elections KIE (Paimangai Kurdi bo Halbjardn) monitored both of special voting day (including 31 polling station ) and general voting day (including 418 polling stations) throughout Sulaimaniyah constituencies. Prior to Election Day, the volunteers received training on monitoring methods and were required to fill out four forms that contained 48 questions on the different parts of the elections process. 

The electoral system is Proportional Representation system PR, Seats shall be allocated according to the modified Sainte-Laguë method (1,7). The candidate who secures the highest number of votes on the list shall be elected while ensuring that a woman candidate is elected after every three winning male candidates, thereby allotting 25 percent of seats to women and the Voting is not compulsory.


click to download the election monitoring report

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