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KIE announced a quantitative report about decentralization
15 / 1 / 2019

KIE announced a quantitative report about decentralization

 By: KIE

On Jan 6, 2019, the Erbil Decentralization Group held a press conference in Chwarchra Hotel Hall to announce the results of an opinion poll conducted between November 15-30, 2018 in the Erbil Governorate. Around twelve media channels were in attendance.
The members of the Erbil Decentralization Group distributed 1500 questionnaires in give districts (Choman, Soran, Erbil, Shaqlawa and Koya). The questionnaires included ten questions covering three key dimensions of decentralization: administrative, fiscal and political.
The results were analyzed on macro and micro levels by using cross tabulation between each question with four variables: gender, age, education and geography.
The conclusions of the report are:
1. The Erbil governorate citizens are demand decentralization of the administrative bodies of the Governorate.

2. The vast majority of the Erbil governorate citizens demand strengthening the fiscal, administrative, and political aspects of the decentralization system.

3. The need and demand of citizens who are outside Erbil City in the Governorate the for promoting administrative decentralization system is more than others.

4. The local administrations do not take the opinion of citizens when the service projects are carried out in their areas because the decisions are centralized.

5. The majority of respondents are calling to do elections for the district and sub- district councils.

6. The vast majority of respondents who locate outside of Erbil prefer their daily affairs to be carried out inside their areas.

7. The vast majority of respondents want their mayors to belong to their areas as well as being residents of these areas.

8. The vast majority of respondents demand more than half of their areas’ taxation that are obtained through customs, traffic police and real estate fees to be spent in the service projects within their region.

 The Kurdish Institute for Elections has conducted several researches and written public policy papers about decentralization in the past years, including two opinion polls in the Sulaymaniyah Governorate whose results were presented in a quantitative and qualitative report.

 The Erbil Decentralization Group is a branch of a wider network of advocating groups focusing on decentralization in the Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Halabja governorates. The Erbil Decentralization Group consists of twelve male and female activists that received numerous training on decentralization on topics that include: i) the differences between centralization and decentralization; ii) the different kinds and aspects of decentralization; iii) practices of decentralization in federal and unitary states.



click here to read the report

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