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Strengthening Citizen Engagement in the Legislative Process
4 / 10 / 2009

Strengthening Citizen Engagement in the Legislative Process

To enhance and strengthen the role of civil society in promoting civic engagement and monitoring of the Kurdish National Assembly legislative process KIE establishes a legal observation unit (LOU) to conduct monthly monitoring of the Kurdistan National Assembly's legislative activities, and provide analysis, reporting, and media outreach to increase public awareness around four major laws (associations, polygamy, anti-corruption and press).KIE will conduct four field surveys to gauge public opinion around these four laws, to be included in final reports and recommended draft laws submitted to the legislative committee of the KNA.

The LOU will be composed of a coordinator and team of seven legal, human rights, academic and media experts. The focus of the research will be to compose independent draft legislation for each of the proposed laws.The team of experts will meet once every two months to debate and discuss the drafts and will remain in contact via email discussions and updates to the LOU coordinator.The LOU coordinator will attend each monthly session of the KNA and report to the team of experts on the sessions, including providing them with copies of draft legislation being discussed and briefings on KNA debate and discussion.These briefings will be incorporated into monthly reports on KNA sessions and activities, that will be distributed to print, radio and television media outlets, and will be the subject of opinion editorials and articles produced by the team of experts.

In the third year of the project under the name; strengthening the relationship between the Legislative authority and the people that was recommended by NED International Organization and expected to start from1/2/2009and lasts for31/1/2010. It involves the following actions and activities:

A. Record and broadcast 18 programs in the Satellite TV channels that tackle several Laws and commitment Laws as follows:

- Commitment law for organizing press works in the Kurdistan Region.

- Commitment law for personal status in the Kurdistan Region.

- Law No. 1 issued in 1992 for the election of the Kurdistan Region Parliament.

- Law No. 3 issued in 2006 to confront terrorism in Kurdistan Region.

- Commitment law of Civil Society Organizations, CSOs.

- Commitment law for arranging public street rallies and demonstrations.

- Commitment law for confronting corruption.

- Commitment law of the governorate councils election in Kurdistan Region.

B. Record and broadcast 9 programs in Azadi local radio concerning:

Law of arranging public street rallies and demonstrations.

Law of confronting terrorism in Kurdistan Region.

Law for the election of the Kurdistan Region Parliament

For each of these above three laws two intellectual or juristic specialists volunteered to participate in the radio sessions that last for 45 minutes, to have talks and discussions about several issues related to the included articles in the mentioned laws and commitment laws. (The recorded sessions are archived by KIE).

C. Ray Gshti (Public Viewpoints) Press Attaché

Publication 18 of Ray Gshti press attach that is a bi-weekly press consisted of 4 pages, accompanied the “Awena” and “Rozhnama” newspapers.

Ray Gshti is an overall reading for the above mentioned laws and commitment laws plus several interviews and reportages including the release of the collected information and data in conducted questionnaires. In addition to the KIE Legal Observation Committee members, several academic, legal and intellectual individuals have participated in the press attaché with respect of the mentioned laws. In every issue, an interview and reportage have been released. In some issues, the context of the laws or commitment laws was released that were prepared by either the ministries, the CSOs or the parliaments.


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